LCPS 1st - 2nd Grade Stem Club

What is LCPS STEM Club?

LCPS STEM Club is a gathering of students that meets regularly in an informal environment to work on inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related activities. LCPS STEM Club expands regular school activities by meeting afterschool weekly.


Who are the teachers?

Mrs. Donna Andrews and Mrs. Rebecca Ritch


Who is eligible?

1st and 2nd graders (30 maximum students)



  • No failing grades
  • No behavior problems
  • No missing homework, daily work, and any additional work from your classroom
  • Love to learn, experiment, use technology, and solve problem by creating
  • Able to meet after school from 3:00-5:00 each Wednesday
  • Able to be picked up on time each Wednesday


Where we will meet:

LCPS Science Lab and Mrs. Donna Andrews’ classroom



Select members will pay $30 to cover t-shirt cost and field trip to the Coca-Cola Space Center in Columbus, GA.



The LCPS STEM Club will be self-supporting. No additional funds will be requested. Future monies will be obtained through fundraisers and/or donations.


Why a LCPS STEM Club?

STEM education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM Standards guide instruction by defining the combination of behaviors, integrated with STEM content, which are expected of a proficient STEM student. These behaviors include engagement in inquiry, logical reasoning, collaboration, and investigation. The goal of STEM education is to prepare students for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce. STEM education removes the artificial barriers that isolate content and allows for an integrated instructional approach. The curriculum will prompt students to develop life skills and apply content knowledge within a real world context. STEM education is active and focuses on a student-centered learning environment. Students engage in questioning, problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on activities while they address real life issues.

In STEM education, Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Ritch will serve as facilitators. They guide students through the problem-solving process and plan projects that lead to mastery of content and STEM proficiency. STEM proficient students are able to answer complex questions, investigate global issues, and develop solutions for challenges and real world problems while applying the rigor of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content in a seamless fashion. STEM proficient students are logical thinkers, effective communicators and are technologically, scientifically, and mathematically literate.

Benefits of the LCPS STEM Club

LCPS STEM club has the following benefits:

  • Providing opportunity for meaningful STEM learning and for students to engage in science, technology, engineering and math in multiple ways and in a supportive and fun environment.
  • Building their knowledge and application (i.e., behavior change) of STEM content and processes.
  • Honing their ability to collaborate with and learn from other students and from older STEM students (LCMS students under David Ritch’s instruction).
  • Building their interest in academic success and higher education.
  • Foster their interest in additional STEM learning opportunities and future careers.
  • Actively engaging them in questioning and hands-on activities while they investigate global issues, and solve real world problems, and/or challenges.
  •  Leaders (Donna Andrews and Rebecca Ritch) facilitate student engagement, arouse student’s questioning, guide students through them engagement in scientific process, Georgia Technology Literacy Standards for Students, engineering design processes, and mathematics content and practices.
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